The Realfoto Story

Photography is in our blood.

Innovation and a creative camera eye have always run in the Nohr family. It all started with Axel Nohr, who in 1921 began shooting birthday parties in Denmark. Axel passed his passion for the lens onto his son and protégé, Niels. Christoffer, Niels’ son, was also unable to escape a fascination with photography and marketing, and has begun instructing his young son Julius in the craft of his forefathers.

The realfoto family extends past the four-generations of Nohr boys. We consider each and every one of our clients to be part of our family and as such, we place a high value on our relationships with our clients.

With 30 years of experience in real estate marketing, realfoto is a leader in cutting edge technology for REALTORS®, developers, property managers and other real estate professionals. We invite you to enjoy the benefits of using real estate marketing tools provided by a business that treats you like family.

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